5 Funny Indian Names | Funny Names of people

Funny Names: My First Question is "What is Names" according to Google "a word or set of words by which a person or thing is known, addressed, or referred to." And there is also some Funny Names in the World that will make you to think about your Names. So, let's see these Funny Names.

1. Madar Chod Payare

Madar Chod Payare - Funny Names
Madar Chod Payare

2. Pornika Das

3. Dr. K.N. Chutia

Dr. K.N. Chutia - Funny Names
Dr. K.N. Chutia

4. Dr. Modi Sarkar

Dr. Modi Sarkar - Funny Names
Dr. Modi Sarkar

5. Ravindra Banchhod

Ravindra Banchhod - Funny Names
Ravindra Banchhod

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